Discovery Ski Team

The Discovery Ski Education Foundation is Growing! We have broken ground on our new building, and are leasing lockers! See below for lease information!



DSEF is now selling Options to parties interested in leasing a locker that will be located in the new building that DSEF has started constructing near the Anaconda lift at Discovery Ski Area.  There will be a total of sixteen (16) lockers available and each locker is expected to be at least thirty inches (30”) wide and twenty-four inches (24”) deep.  Lessees will be able to install shelving and any other improvements that they desire in the interior of their locker at their expense.  Each locker will have its own electrical outlet as well.  The proceeds from the sale of the Options and the subsequent one-time lease payments will be used to help finance the construction of DSEF’s building.

How it works:

An Option to lease a locker is $2,500.00 up front.  The first party to purchase an Option has the first right to choose a locker.  When the lockers are constructed and installed, DSEF will notify the Option holder so that he or she can choose a locker and exercise his or her Option by paying an additional $2,500.00 and signing a lease with DSEF.  If the Option holder does not exercise his or her Option, he or she will receive a refund of all but $1,000.00 of the Option money previously paid. 

It is important to note that the biggest benefit of leasing a locker from DSEF is the term of the lease, which will be for the lifetime of the lessee.  If a married couple leases a locker, the term of their lease will be for the lifetime of the survivor of the couple.  Basically, once you pay your $5,000.00, you will have a locker for your lifetime.  The only other cost that may be associated with the locker is a small annual assessment for routine maintenance of the locker room.

For more information, please contact Ken Connors at  He can answer any questions that you may have and provide you with an Option Agreement for your consideration. 

At this time, DSEF has sold Options for four lockers and has two verbal commitments for two more Options.  DSEF expects the remaining lockers to go fast, so if you are interested, don’t wait to inquire.

*DSEF reserves the right to refuse to lease a locker to any party.